Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okayyy... where should I start?? let me begin with how surprised I am to find out that how confusing it is in managing one's blog. From background, template to columns... you name it..@_@ (sigh)

True, there are lots of well.. tips and guidance given by other bloggers. TQVM  8) for your help.
but it just make matters more twisted than it actually is. I dont think I can explain it well using words.

so.. here is my theory  *_*

So, in the first pic, the rectangle formed is better than pic 2.
-pic one has all the 'info' needed to make a... should I say perfect rectangle? In other words, it is well formed.
-as obvious as it is, the second pic has too many 'info'. it makes it harder to form a more well formed triangle because you have to connect more dots than necessary. A simple rectangle had become more complex. And sometimes, complex is no good. it may become a barrier to something that is actually simple and twisted it into something that is confusing.

enough said I think. Maybe people would not even understand what i am rambling about.
I'll tell another surprise on another time, i guess...

sorry for my nonsence..


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