Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ok, I'm sorry..

Wow, i am so excited plus anxious plus nervous when i finally managed to have my own blog!! Until i forgot my real objectives when creating one. Reading back my previous two posts, I realized that those posts were not me. Not from my utmost heart? Does not really reflecting what i feel inside.

Well, yeah..! One is complaining about others kindness and another is what i think.There are no real feeling in it. I seriously think that i shouldn't care about those matters because apparently there is no one reading this blog. No one really care about this weirdo that write rubbish online.

But on the whole, i do hope someone hear what i am trying to say. And relate them with their lives or someone they knew or maybe certain events that might have been forgotten.

Therefore, in my next post, if god willing, i will tell about my past experiences. Things that make me feels like a stranger. The origin of the name of this blog. Stories that make me wonders about the stranger in me.


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