Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ok, I'm sorry..

Wow, i am so excited plus anxious plus nervous when i finally managed to have my own blog!! Until i forgot my real objectives when creating one. Reading back my previous two posts, I realized that those posts were not me. Not from my utmost heart? Does not really reflecting what i feel inside.

Well, yeah..! One is complaining about others kindness and another is what i think.There are no real feeling in it. I seriously think that i shouldn't care about those matters because apparently there is no one reading this blog. No one really care about this weirdo that write rubbish online.

But on the whole, i do hope someone hear what i am trying to say. And relate them with their lives or someone they knew or maybe certain events that might have been forgotten.

Therefore, in my next post, if god willing, i will tell about my past experiences. Things that make me feels like a stranger. The origin of the name of this blog. Stories that make me wonders about the stranger in me.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okayyy... where should I start?? let me begin with how surprised I am to find out that how confusing it is in managing one's blog. From background, template to columns... you name it..@_@ (sigh)

True, there are lots of well.. tips and guidance given by other bloggers. TQVM  8) for your help.
but it just make matters more twisted than it actually is. I dont think I can explain it well using words.

so.. here is my theory  *_*

So, in the first pic, the rectangle formed is better than pic 2.
-pic one has all the 'info' needed to make a... should I say perfect rectangle? In other words, it is well formed.
-as obvious as it is, the second pic has too many 'info'. it makes it harder to form a more well formed triangle because you have to connect more dots than necessary. A simple rectangle had become more complex. And sometimes, complex is no good. it may become a barrier to something that is actually simple and twisted it into something that is confusing.

enough said I think. Maybe people would not even understand what i am rambling about.
I'll tell another surprise on another time, i guess...

sorry for my nonsence..


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

first... greetings!!

hi.. this my my first time blogging...
yeah i know... some may said that blogging is outdated or something:) * (social networking fab now)
but for me, it is an art, a way to express yourself, a way to show who you really is...

so, why blog? diary is more private(some said)
my answer: i want to share my thoughts to the world XD.. my knowledge.. my feelings.. Everything!!
why not social network then??
me: this is more friendly, make you feel closer to someone, make you feel like you know them, even just in the virtual world. For me, social network is like texting, everything is shortened and no real feeling is attached to it. As for blog, you pour your heart into it, put mind and soul trying to post something that might be personal.. like a LETTER.. yup.

so much for a first greetings. please excuse my language and perhaps stories share here.
i just want to scream my lungs out to the world;)
sayonara muahaha..